Crystal Awards

Our extensive range of corporate Crystal Awards are hand crafted from Pure Optical Crystal and are perfect for long service and recognition awards. With plenty of personalisation space for company logos and messages and in a range of different sizes, these can be customised for sporting events like football and golf to be presented to employees or clients. A bespoke service is also available through our dedicated team.

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  1. Crystal Emerald Cut Paperweight 85mm
    Crystal Emerald Cut Paperweight 85mm
  2. Crystal Faceted Award 160mm
    Crystal Faceted Award 160mm
  3. Crystal Faceted Award 210mm
    Crystal Faceted Award 210mm

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  4. Crystal Faceted Award 255mm
    Crystal Faceted Award 255mm
  5. Crystal Globe Paperweight 100mm
    Crystal Globe Paperweight 100mm
  6. Crystal Globe Paperweight 60mm
    Crystal Globe Paperweight 60mm
  7. Crystal Globe Paperweight 80mm
    Crystal Globe Paperweight 80mm
  8. Crystal Star Award 160mm
    Crystal Star Award 160mm
  9. Crystal Star Award 210mm
    Crystal Star Award 210mm
  10. Crystal Star Award 255mm
    Crystal Star Award 255mm
  11. Crystal' V' Trophy 160mm
    Crystal' V' Trophy 160mm
  12. Crystal' V' Trophy 200mm
    Crystal' V' Trophy 200mm
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