Designers and Makers of the RBS 6 Nations Rugby Trophy

Thomas Lyte is the official designers and makers to Rugby's Greatest Championship, The 6 Nations.  As designers and makers of the prestigious 2016 RBS 6 Nations Championship Trophy, Thomas Lyte are proud to inspire the spirit of sporting heritage through their craftsmanship.

This stunning bespoke trophy is handmade by their expert British silversmiths in their London workshop, and was presented to the winners on 21st March, 2016.  The 1993 edition of the trophy was retired as it only represent the Five Nations Championship before Italy joined the tournament.

Hand spun from Sterling 925 Silver, the Trophy underwent the process of casting, spinning, hand engraving and polishing. Crafted from over fifty pieces and one single sheet of silver for the body, the six-sided Trophy represents each competing nation with each nation’s crest engraved on the plinth. The new Trophy is impressively made from 7kg of silver, stands at 75cm high and took over 200 craft hours to make.

This is only the second Trophy since 1883 to be created for rugby’s greatest Championship and it encompasses both the distinctive history of the tournament and its exciting future.

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