Awards & Trophies

Our range of stock trophies and awards range from our inexpensive salver dishes and revere bowls to the more expensive Twisted Spitfire vases and the tall silver plated trophies. Our collection is perfect for all types of events and ceremonies, from recognition awards to sporting trophies such as football, rugby and golf.

All our silverware is hand crafted by our expert silversmiths in our London workshop and all trophies and awards can be customised to your specifications such as engraving or adding plaques. We also have a range of crystal awards which can be etched with any message or logo.  With the highest level of customer service, let us ensure that your trophy or award is one that is acclaimed for years to come.

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  1. 6" Silver Plated Revere Bowl
  2. 8" Silver Plated Revere Bowl
  3. 8" Silver Plated Chippendale Tray
  4. 10" Silver Plated Chippendale Tray
  5. 12" Silver Plated Chippendale Tray
  6. Fluted Dish Silver Plate
  7. 8.75" Elizabethan Dish Sterling Silver
  8. 8.75" Elizabethan Dish Silver Plate
  9. 10" Elizabethan Dish Silver Plate
  10. 12" Elizabethan Dish Silver Plate
  11. 14" Elizabethan Dish Silver Plate
  12. 16" Elizabethan Dish Silver Plate
  13. Crystal Star Award 160mm
  14. Crystal Star Award 210mm
  15. Crystal Star Award 255mm
  16. Crystal' V' Trophy 160mm
  17. Crystal Faceted Award 210mm
  18. Small Silver Plated Trophy
  19. Medium Silver Plated Trophy
  20. 12" Twisted Spitfire Vase Silver Plate
  21. 18" Twisted Spitfire Vase Silver Plate
Set Descending Direction

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