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Here at Thomas Lyte, we use our advanced knowledge and long-standing experience to create the finest Trophies, ranging from the FA Cup to the Ryder Cup. Our range of stock trophies have been hand crafted by our Master Silversmiths and craftsmen in our own London workshop, alongside our more iconic works of art. Items include our Classic Tall Trophies, available in two sizes, Exquisite Revere Presentation Bowls and Elizabethan Salvers, along with Hand Cut Crystal Awards & Trophies.

All items within this range can be engraved or etched with a message, logo or any artwork of your choice. To keep the quality of our products as high as possible, we diamond engrave all Silver or Gold Pieces and Water Etch our Crystal. 

Set Descending Direction
20 Item(s)
  1. Crystal' V' Trophy 160mm
  2. Fluted Dish Silver Plate
  3. 8" Silver Plated Revere Bowl
  4. 8" Trumpet Vase Silver Plate
  5. 12" Trumpet Vase Silver Plate
  6. 8" Twisted Spitfire Vase Silver Plate
  7. 12" Twisted Spitfire Vase Silver Plate
  8. 8.75" Elizabethan Dish Silver Plate
  9. 10" Elizabethan Dish Silver Plate
  10. 12" Elizabethan Dish Silver Plate
  11. 14" Elizabethan Dish Silver Plate
  12. 16" Elizabethan Dish Silver Plate
  13. 8.75" Elizabethan Dish Sterling Silver
  14. 10" Elizabethan Dish Sterling Silver
  15. 12" Elizabethan Dish Sterling Silver
  16. 14" Elizabethan Dish Sterling Silver
  17. 16" Elizabethan Dish Sterling Silver
  18. Small Silver Plated Trophy
  19. Medium Silver Plated Trophy
  20. Tall Silver Plated Trophy
Set Descending Direction

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