Designers & Makers of the FIH Women's Hockey World Cup Trophy

Thomas Lyte was commissioned by the International Hockey Federation to modify and restore the Women’s Hockey World Cup. The brief was simple, to use the existing bowl that was the Hockey Women’s World Cup, affectionately known as “The Salad Bowl”, and to add to it, creating a trophy following a very specific design (attached) that would give the women’s trophy the same look and stature as the men’s trophy.

The existing bowl had to be re-made as the metal was too thin, but we retained the original handles giving the new trophy a link with the old. We then hand-made and assembled the new elements, including the plinth, to create the new trophy.

The new Hockey Women’s World Cup was unveiled for the first time in New Zealand in November.

For more information, please visit: FIH WC Hockey

Women's England Hockey Team and the World Cup captured by The Evening Standard



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