Designers and Makers of The Malta FA Trophy

Thomas Lyte are humbled to be the Designers and Makers of the Malta FA Trophy.  Taking forward the heritage of the 1934 FA Trophy, the new trophy stands at 65cm in height and 7kg in weight.

Carrying forward the main features of the 1934 Trophy, the trophy will feature a player holding a ball aloft while the globe and the base will remain identical with the effigy of the football match found on the current trophy also retaining its place.  Designed in the shape of the old Cassar Cup, the trophy was present by the English FA to the MFA on the 8th of October 2016.  It was presented before England played Malta at Wembley Stadium.

Renewing the historic bond between England and Malta and the passion of the local fans for the local games, the winners of this trophy wins a place in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League.



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