Designers and Makers of The Oman FA Trophy

The Oman Football Association found Thomas Lyte through a simple “Google search”.What the client wanted us to make was a very important new trophy called His Majesty’s Cup, a trophy commissioned by the offices of the Sultan of Oman.  It is amazing how far reaching our designs are and Thomas Lyte are proud to be the Designers and Makers of The Oman FA Trophy.

The brief was very exciting as the client wanted a very tall and impressive trophy, one that reflected the art and culture of Oman, and one that was the most premium trophy in the region. The result was this stunning masterpiece of craftsmanship, made entirely of sterling silver with 5 microns of gold plating. The trophy plinth was made from malachite sourced from Italy, and the Oman FA badge was hand painted in enamel.

The trophy was first presented in June 2013, and will be played for each year by the club teams in Oman.



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