Designers & Makers of The AFC Asian Cup

Thomas Lyte are the designers and makers of The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup. The new trophy handcrafted in our London workshop was unveiled in Dubai, by AFC President Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa and former UAE international Zuhair Bakheet during the glittering AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019™ Final Draw at the Burj Khalifa on May 4th 2018

The trophy is revolutionary in design and stands at an impressive 78cm high and 42cm wide and is crafted from 15 kilograms of Hallmarked Sterling Silver bullion. A team of 12 craftsmen spent more than 400 hours creating the trophy, including 230 hours of hammering by hand to create the organic shape from flat sheets of sterling silver.

When the trophy is finally uplifted the trophy plinth separates and contains the rich legacy of all previous winners going back to the first year of the competition in 1956.

The design depicts the five regions of the AFC organically entwined in harmony and competition. The trophy’s curved sides resemble a lotus flower: a visual symbol which unites the diverse regions of Asia. The flowers concentric petals, or ‘waves’, represent the five regional zones of The AFC.

A detachable plinth allows the trophy to be easily raised in celebration despite its impressive scale.

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