Designers & Makers of The European Rugby Champions Cup

As the Designers & Makers of The European Rugby Champions cup, our silversmiths have done an outstanding job in representing the essence of this tournament.  Thomas Lyte, in collaboration with The Works, developed the concept for the Champions Cup, to be known as the 'Star Cup', placing the gold star, the symbol of Europe and European Representation, at the very heart of the design.  

Each handle of this unique trophy meets the top, forming the Star Crown to reflect the annual crowning of the 'Kings' of European professional club rugby. The star serves to connect the first 19 years of European club rugby to the new EPCR era: the nineteen stars along the back handle recognise the 19 European Cup Winners 1996-2014, while the 20th star on the chalice will honour the 2015 champion and all future winners.




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