Designers & Makers of the Premier League Milestone Awards

Thomas Lyte are delighted to continue our association with the Premier League as the Designers and Makers of the Premier League Milestone Awards.

From the start of the 2017/18 Football Season, The Premier League announced a three-year partnership with well-known confectionary brand Cadbury. Part of their joint venture was to celebrate the players who have succeeded in preserving their place at the top of the game.

Premier League Milestones are awarded to players who reach a milestone number of appearances as well as a milestone number of goals scored. Milestones are awarded to players who reach 100 Premier League appearances as well as 200, 300 and every century mark thereafter; as for goal scoring, the Premier League award players who reach 50 Premier League goals or multiples thereof.

Designed by our team in London, each player to reach these milestones receives a bespoke handmade presentation box from the Premier League, containing a special medallion and a plaque commemorating their achievement. These bespoke medallions are Hand-Crafted by our Silver and Goldsmiths at our London workshops, with the design of each medallion distinct to the player’s level of achievement.

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