Thomas Lyte are delighted to be partnering with Bishopsland Educational Trust. Bishopsland is an internationally recognised, post graduate residential course, a bridge between university and professional life as a silversmith or jeweller. Thomas Lyte are currently working with 11 silversmiths and jewellers, whom all have an array of talent and styles, with many of their exquisitely handcrafted items are available to purchase online.

The items available range from delicate earrings, to sculpturally inspired bowls and decorative tableware. All of which are unique and handmade in the UK using traditional silversmith techniques. This project has been establish with the aims to promote the skill of silversmithing, and with this continuous support, hopefully inspire and encourage the growth of the trade.

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  1. Napkin Ring by Ndidi Ekubia
  2. Christening Spoon by Ndidi Ekubia
  3. Shot Cup with Gold Plate Interior by Ndidi Ekubia
  4. Caddy Spoon by Ndidi Ekubia
  5. Silver Shell Box
  6. Silver Oyster Box
  7. Silver Frozen Bowl
  8. Hand Engraved Silver Bowl with Lid
  9. Silver with Gold Plate Coiled Beaker
  10. Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Sugar Spoon by Loucinda Nims
  11. Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Whiskey Tumbler by Loucinda Nims
  12. Condiment Set by Loucinda Nims
  13. Filigree Bird Box by Helen London
  14. Japanese Crane Napkin Rings by Helen London
  15. Japanese Crane Spoons by Helen London
  16. Triple Daisy Necklace by Diana Greenwood
  17. Daisy Pendant by Diana Greenwood
  18. Forget Me Not Earrings by Diana Greenwood
  19. Daisy Earrings by Diana Greenwood
  20. Leaf Cufflinks by Diana Greenwood
  21. Daisy Cufflinks by Diana Greenwood
  22. Tundra Vase by Abigail Brown
  23. Square Salt and Pepper Dish & Spoon Set by Abigail Brown
  24. Round ‘Fold’ Box by Abigail Brown
  25. Square ‘Fold’ Box by Abigail Brown
  26. ‘Grain’ Whiskey Flask & Presentation Stand by Abigail Brown
  27. 'Homologous' Square Fruit Bowl by Abigail Brown
  28. Daisy Bracelet by Diana Greenwood
  29. Fragmented Round Earrings by Karen Westland
  30. Fragmented Marquise Earrings by Karen Westland
  31. Fragmented Cufflinks by Karen Westland
  32. Fragmented Ring by Karen Westland
  33. Fragmented Oval Candle Holders by Karen Westland
  34. Fragmented Oval Bowls by Karen Westland
  35. Sugar Sifting Spoon by Louise Mary
  36. Pair of Standing Salad Servers by Louise Mary
  37. Pair of Leaf Serving Spoons  by Louise Mary
  38. Large Leaf Serving Spoon by Louise Mary
  39. Small Leaf Serving Spoon by Louise Mary
  40. Sterling Silver Sugar Pot and Tongs by Shaun Grace
  41. Sterling Silver Pouring Ladle by Shaun Grace
  42. Sterling Silver Jubilee Ladle by Shaun Grace
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