Bowls and Trinkets

An intricate and decorative collection of small bowls and trinkets. Perfect for storing small items or jewellery, each of these pieces has been handcrafted by talented silversmiths from across the UK. All items are made using traditional silversmithing techniques and are completely unique and bespoke.
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9 Item(s)
  1. Silver Shell Box
  2. Silver Oyster Box
  3. Silver Frozen Bowl
  4. Hand Engraved Silver Bowl with Lid
  5. Silver with Gold Plate Coiled Beaker
  6. Filigree Bird Box by Helen London
  7. Round ‘Fold’ Box by Abigail Brown
  8. Square ‘Fold’ Box by Abigail Brown
  9. 'Homologous' Square Fruit Bowl by Abigail Brown
Set Descending Direction

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