Handmade jewellery from the likes of Karen Westland, Diana Greenwood and Fiona McClear. Each piece is delicately crafted using a variety of materials and techniques, include recycled metals, 3D printing and hand hammering. The inspiration behind each item ranges from horticulture to architecture, and also includes a bridal range.
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  1. Fragmented Round Earrings by Karen Westland
  2. Fragmented Marquise Earrings by Karen Westland
  3. Fragmented Cufflinks by Karen Westland
  4. Fragmented Ring by Karen Westland
  5. Large Daisy and Circle Pendant by Diana Greenwood
  6. Small Daisy and Circle Earrings by Diana Greenwood
  7. Daisy Bracelet by Diana Greenwood
  8. Daisy Bangle by Diana Greenwood
  9. Triple Daisy Necklace by Diana Greenwood
  10. Daisy Pendant by Diana Greenwood
  11. Forget Me Not Earrings by Diana Greenwood
  12. Daisy Earrings by Diana Greenwood
  13. Leaf Cufflinks by Diana Greenwood
  14. Daisy Cufflinks by Diana Greenwood
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