Makers of The Afrobasket Trophy

Continuing on our collaborations with FIBA and Radiant Studios, Thomas Lyte are proud to be the Makers of The FIBA Afrobasket Cup.  Orginally known as The African Championship of Nations, this basketball competition was first established in 1962.  Grown to 16 of the best competing nations, the qualifying teams will face off against teams from across the world for the FIBA World Cup in 2019.

Taking in the excess of 130 hours to craft, the Afrobasket trophy stands at 60cm high and 26cm wide.  The trophy features a spirraled inside symbolising the movement of a basketball.  Sterling Silver and gold plated, this trophy has an elevated basketball and gold plated Africa which has been handcrafted in our London workshop.  It also features the connecting band that all the new FIBA trophies have, and stands as the only matching feature between them. 

For this exquisitely modern trophy, our silversmiths used the traditional silversmithing processes of spinning, chasing, guilding, plating, engraving and polishing to bring all the elements together.



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