Makers of the Basketball Champions League Trophy

Thomas Lyte are honoured to be the Makers of the Basketball Champions league Trophy, designed by Radiant Studios  on behalf of the Basketball Champions League. A new tournament organised by the FIBA and top European leagues, this contest sets to unite fans, clubs, leagues and federations as one.

The trophy itself, truly shows that Thomas Lyte are masters of their trade. Elegantly shaped like a basketball net which leads into a crown effect, this trophy has an abstract design fused with dedicated gold elements. The crown effect symbolises the champions that will eventually lift the magnificent piece.

Standing at 65cm high and made from sterling silver with 24ct gold plating highlights, this trophy showcases remarkable craftsmanship and design. From first view, the trophy emulates a modern design with high impact, yet this simplicity is deceptive to the making process. Over 250 craft hours have been invested to create this stunning trophy, through various processes including spinning, plating and polishing, using 8kgs of silver.

Entirely revolutionary compared to anything we have crafted before, this trophy is sure to become a great sporting silverware icon.

To find out more about the tournament please visit Basketball Champions League.





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