Makers of The Billie Jean King Trophy - WTA Finals

Thomas Lyte are humbled to continue their alliance with some of Tennis' biggest tournaments as the Makers of The Billie Jean King Trophy.  As an advocate and founder of the Women Tennis Association in 1973, it is an honour to work on this piece with the tribulations that Billie Jean King went through.  

Named in her honour, this trophy is presented at the WTA Singles Final which has been played for by the Top 8 women's single players.  With a total of $7 million in prize money, this trophy is a coveted prize for any female tennis player to win.  Through winning 39 grand slam singles, doubles and mixed double crowns in her career, Billie Jean King is an idol and mentor for many a great player.

Thomas Lyte are also honoured to make the replica trophies that are given by the WTA each year to the players to keep.



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