Makers of The Copa América Centenario Trophy

To celebrate this extraordinary football event, CONCACAF and CONMEBOL commissioned a special and unparalleled trophy. Designed by Epico Studios in the United States, Thomas Lyte are the Makers of The Copa America Cetenario Trophy.  Proudly handcrafted in our London workshop, this trophy shows how Thomas Lyte are masters of their trade.

The winners of the Copa America Centenario tournament lifted a brand new trophy, in commemoration of the 100th year of the iconic tournament in 2016. Beginning on the 3rd of June, the tournament was played across ten cities across the United States, with the final played on the 26th June at the MetLife Stadium, New Jersey.

The trophy is the first of its kind in 100 years, and as a result, will only be played for once.

The unveiling of the new trophy was held at the headquarters of the Colombian Football Federation during a celebratory event on Thursday 28th April 2016, where President of CONMEBOL, Alejandro Domínguez Wilson-Smith was presented with the trophy.

The initial design took 89 days to complete, followed by a further 98 days of craft work to produce the finished trophy. Made from a metal base, it is finished with a sterling silver inner finish, and the exterior is plated in 24k gold. Standing a majestic 61cm tall, the trophy weighs around 7.1 kilograms and is crafted using traditional silversmith skills and techniques, such as hand spinning, chasing and forging. 




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