Makers of The FA Cup Trophy

The 2014 trophy replaced the 1992 edition, which in turn replaced the first iteration of the current design in 1911.

Made by world renowned silversmiths Thomas Lyte of London, the new trophy is crafted from 6.3kg of sterling silver and, standing at 61.5cm, is a perfect replica of the 1911 trophy. The 1992 trophy will remain in The FA’s possession at Wembley.

Alex Horne, General Secretary of The FA, said: “This is an historic moment in the proud 143-year history of The FA Cup. This is only the third version of the iconic trophy since 1911, which is quite a record, especially given the trophy’s extensive and growing use in modern times, particularly through the media".

Kevin Baker, Managing Director of Thomas Lyte, said: “After many years of restoring the previous trophy, we are honoured to be making the new FA Cup. This sporting trophy is a national treasure, an icon of English football, and its heritage is embedded within the design and craft of the new trophy. Thomas Lyte prides itself on the skills of its expert silversmiths and this iconic symbol of competition and fair play couldn’t be in better hands".

The FA Cup is a masterpiece of British silversmithing, the trophy underwent the painstaking process of casting, hand chasing, hand engraving and polishing. Originally commissioned in 2013, over 250 craft hours were taken to make this stunning 2014 trophy.

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