Makers of the Gauntlet of Polo Trophy

Thomas Lyte are the official makers of the United States Polo Association’s Gauntlet of Polo Trophy.

Founded in 1890, the United States Polo Association has a rich history of bringing the “game of kings” to the American people. A heart-pounding competition, the Gauntlet of Polo is a true survival of the fittest as the world's preeminent teams, most skilled athletes, and finest horses will come together for three months to battle head-to-head for the coveted C.V. Whitney Cup, USPA Gold Cup®, and the CaptiveOne U.S. Open Polo Championship®. Any team who consecutively sweeps all three tournaments will receive a $500,000 bonus totalling $1 million in prize money and will be the winners of this fantastic trophy, earning their place in history as Gauntlet Champions.

Made in Thomas Lyte’s London workshops, the trophy stands at an impressive 3ft (915cm) in height, and is made from 6.1KG of Sterling Silver. The black stone plinth adorned with Sterling Silver lettering, is topped with a silver platter in a bright hammered finish to emulate the surface of a polo field, with three silver horses rearing up to represent the three tournaments that must be won to be granted this prestigious title. The trophy itself is a single column made from a hand-folded sterling silver sheet.

Hand crafted by eight Master Craftsmen, using traditional skills and pioneering modern methods, the trophy took over 300 hours to complete.

The brand new Gauntlet of Polo trophy was lifted for the first time at the International Polo Club Palm Beach by Team Pilot on April 21st 2019, remarkably taking the trophy in its inaugural year.



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