Makers of The Laver Cup

The hand-crafted Laver Cup trophy has been constructed to celebrate the Australian’s legendary career. It includes molten metal from one of his first individual professional trophies and features design elements that honor Laver’s unrivaled tennis achievements.

Hand-created using traditional silversmithing techniques, more than 400 hours of intricate craftsmanship were required for its completion.

The 200 notches on the rim of the trophy signify Rod Laver’s career titles, with the duplication of four rings at its base representing his Grand Slam sweeps in 1962 and 1969.

Laver Cup Trophy FAST FACTS

· Hand-crafted from solid sterling silver to suggest the shape of a rocket, reflecting Rod Laver’s nickname
· Molten metal from part of Rod Laver’s New England Merchant Bank Trophy from the US Pro Tennis Championships has been incorporated into the Laver Cup
· Curved arms come together signifying rivals becoming teammates
· 200 notches on the rim represent Rod Laver’s career tennis titles
· Two sets of four rings on the base represent Rod Laver’s Grand Slams, in 1962 and 1969
· Production of the trophy took more than 400 hours
· The Laver Cup stands 26in/66cm tall and weighs 31lb/14kg
· Conceptualized by renowned London agency Designwerk
· Handcrafted by silversmiths at Thomas Lyte, a company associated with some of the world’s greatest sporting trophies, including the Ryder Cup and football’s FA Cup.


The Laver Cup is a joint initiative between TEAM8, Tennis Australia, The USTA and Jorge Paulo Lemann.



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