Restorers of The Davis Cup

Thomas Lyte are honoured to be the Restorers of The Davis Cup.  First conceived in 1899 by four member of the Harvard University tennis, The Davis Cup was organised to challenge the British to a hearty competition on the court.  The only team tournament across all sports in the world to have lasted a full century, we at Thomas Lyte are the official restorers of this incredible trophy.

217 ounces of silver, 13 inches tall and at a diameter of 18 inches, it is a monumental trophy.  Each plinth and the cup itself can be separated for transport and has its own travel case.  Built originally for £700 in 1900, today it would cost over £200,000 to build.

Each year in our London workshop, we repair damages, polish the silver and ensure that it continues to last for generations to come.  Not only that but we produce the miniature replicas and medals associated with The Davis Cup.  With over 130 nations now entered in the competition, Great Britain seen its first title win in 79 years thanks to Andy Murray in 2015.



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