Makers of the FA Community Shield and Charity Shield

In partnership with the Football Association, Thomas Lyte are the makers of the FA Community Shield and the fourth edition of the Charity Shield.

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of 1966, a milestone in English Football when England won the FIFA World Cup, Thomas Lyte re-built the retired Charity Shield.

The central roundel band with 'The Football Association Charity Shield' text, which is hand raised, forms the focus of the rebuild. This piece which was removed due to the re-naming of the shield to "Football Association Community Shield", has been restored for many years and was played for between 1999 to 2001.

This incredible piece of craftsmanship is not only an iconic symbol of sportsmanship and the game of football, but the purpose of creation lies in fundraising for the Bobby Moore Fund. The fourth edition of the Charity Shield was sold with all of the money raised going to the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK, in doing so, replicating the original inspiration of the Charity Shield in 1908, which sought to give something back.

The new trophy is hand spun from 4.2kg Sterling 925 Silver. Standing an impressive 58cm squared, the trophy underwent the painstaking process of casting, hand chasing, hand engraving and polishing, with over 130 craft hours used to make this stunning piece. It is a perfect replica of the 1908 trophy which remains in The FA’s possession at Wembley. 



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