Expert Trophy Design & Creation

So just how is a trophy designed and made? Well, the process of trophy building is detailed but not as complex as one might think.

We start with the client brief for the trophy design. Working closely with the client and the budget set aside for the project, our Designers will create a number of sketches to confirm design direction. Once that is established, detailed designs are submitted to the client for their approval. When this is achieved, more detailed working drawings are supplied to our Silversmiths to ensure that the trophy  creation is exactly to the client's specifications.

The trophy then goes through a number of different stages of production, with all requiring the utmost levels of the traditional skills of our Silversmiths and Polishers.

Each trophy is unique in its' own way. With some, components of the trophy may be pre-polished prior to assembly or with others, polishing is the final stage of production.

Once completed, the trophy is carefully packed in custom-built travel cases, delivered to the client., and presented to the winners!

Speak to our team of experts about your trophy design, Thomas Lyte's bespoke trophy service, or simply to obtain an idea on the cost and time involved in such a project; by contacting us.