Arabic Stallions Sculpture

Featuring a pair of Arabian horses, this design is reminiscent of a design first created by the 19th Century French sculptor, Pierre Jules Mene.

This sculpture features a stallion leaning over a mare, and both horses were made from bronze and gold-plated to 5 microns. The total height of the horses was 230mm.

The horses are standing on a plinth that is 161mm high and 480mm at the longest point, and 300mm wide.  The plinth consisted of a series of layers of various hand-polished quartz including 29mm of Agate, 44mm of Rock Crystal, 51mm of Rose Quartz, and finally 31mm of hand-polished Agate. We used the “cloudy” version of Rock Crystal as this finish is considered to be more fashionable and desirable. There is also a gold-plated Filigree decoration of 25mm placed between the Rock Crystal and the Rose Quartz.

The total height of the sculpture was  400mm, 480mm long, and 300mm wide, and each sculpture weighed between 35-45Kgs.



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